White & Gold Foil - Luxury Baby Memory Book

White & Gold Foil - Luxury Baby Memory Book

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The journal is structered in 4 sections:


Part 1 : Adventure awaits: Record events such as babyn showe, add pregnancy images and scans, tell the story of how you found out your were expecting , how you have come to narrow down the list of possible baby names and to record everything about the birth and more.


Part 2: My first year:  To record your babies first 4 weeks and each following month up until their first birthday. How they have changed and what precious memories you have made together.


Part 3: Reach for the stars: This is the section of the journal where you can record every milestone, suchas first trip out doors, their first bath, vacation, new year, tooth, hair cut, steps and much much more. there is also room for you pictures of their first home and what their nursery was/is like.


Part 4: Growing up fast: The final section is dedicated to recording all their birthdays and likes/dislikes up until the age of 5. incl their first day  of school, there is also blank pages for you to add your own special content specific to our child.


100 pages that cover before and after birth upto the 5th birthday.