Luxury Baby Book

Luxury Baby Book

- 114 pages, printed onto luxury 140gsm paper

- 26(H) x 21(W) cm pages

- Gold foiled cover and spine

- Concealed gold spiral

- Pocket on the back

- Beautifully presented inside its foiled presentation box

- Comes wrapped in tissue paper, sticker and printed mailer

Please do not use marker pens or sharpies as these will bleed through the pages.


We are having a baby!

Our pregnancy memories

Our ultrasounds

The baby shower

Love at first sight

Welcome to the world

I am here

My birth story

My tiny hands

My tiny feet

On the day I was born

The story of my name

We are going home

Our family tree

Our first family photo

Oh, hello baby

I am 1 month old

I am 2 months old

I am 3 months old

I am 4 months old

I am 5 months old

I am 6 months old

I am 7 months old

I am 8 months old

I am 9 months old

I am 10 months old

I am 11 months old

My 1st birthday party

A letter to me on my 1st birthday

Memories from my 1st year

The first time I...

Step by step

My first smile with teeth

My first teeth

My first haircut

My first day at nursery

My first holiday

My first Christmas

I am 2 years old

I am 3 years old

I am 4 years old

I am 5 years old