Light Eucalyptus Blanket

Light Eucalyptus Blanket

The blanket is made in Poland from the highest quality certified eucalyptus yarn.

Eucalyptus yarn has a range of desired features and it is produced from sustainably managed sources. Eucalyptus is grown on lands which are unsuitable for growing food. It grows very fast, reaching the height up to 100 meters and does not require watering and pesticides. Eucalyptus is a renewable material.

Gentle, soft and breathing eucalyptus blanket is perfect for walks, in a cot or a child safety seat.

The blanket has thermoregulation properties, it heats up and simultaneously protects against overheating. It wicks moisture away and pushes it away from the skin. Also it absorbs UV radiation.

Eucalyptus blanket is made with an elegant weave and a frame - it is a perfect gift for a future mom.

Only organic products are used in production of eucalyptus yarn. The blanket will therefore work perfectly even in contact with very sensitive skin.