Himalayan Salt Night Lamp

Himalayan Salt Night Lamp

Nursery must have!

When the Himalayan salt heats up by turning on the lamp, this ensures a balance between positive and negative ions. Imbalance is caused by electronic equipment and can be harmful to your health. So the lamp has a purifying effect! This white variant naturally gives a slightly brighter light than the orange variant. It is 23 cm high including wooden stand.

The popular salt stone lamp is indispensable in so many ways. It provides a safe, warm atmosphere during childbirth at home or in hospital, is very suitable for the maternity period and helps children who are afraid of the dark sleep better.

The salt stone lamp comes on a wooden stand with a cable (on/off switch) and light bulb.

Please note a universal plug does not come with this light, you will need to purchase separate.

Optionally, you can find an extra light bulb here and a sustainable LED light here.